A Brief Bio of Mr. Alfonso Wong

If you want to ask which comic strip in Chinese history has never died out, has endured on the sales ladder, and has become a part of the international Chinese society, undoubtedly it is Alfonso Wong's "Old Master Q". Mr. Wong was originally named Wong Kar Hei, and was born in Tianjin. He studied Western art at Beijing Catholic University, and later resided permanently in Hong Kong. He was responsible for drawings in bibles for a French Catholic missionary there, and also the art editing in the church's magazine "Lok Fung Pao(Le Feng Bao)". Besides working, he also drew comics.

In 1962, Mr. Wong used his eldest son's name Wong Chak as a pen-name for his comic "Old Master Q", which was loved by many readers. In 1964 the series "Old Master Q, Mr. Chin and Big Potato" was published, and because of the liveliness and humour in the comic, it has kept the sales up even today. The comic has since been known in every household and has grown up with us.

Mr. Wong has six sons, all of whom have inherited his artistic genes. The eldest son Wong Chak (Joseph Wong) is a professor of architecture. Since 1995 Wong Chak has assisted his father by establishing a business in Taipei, Taiwan to promote the publishing of Old Master Q, its image, branding and copyright projects. This takes the funny "Old Master Q" comic into a new century with new dimensions, bringing happiness to more old, middle-aged, teenage, young Chinese and foreign readers.