8 Summer Activities with Old Master Q

Summertime is winding down, but there are still a few weeks left to enjoy the season! It’s pretty hot where Old Master Q lives, and he loves to cool down by the ocean or find other clever ways to escape the heat this time of year. If you’re looking for some ways to spend the rest of your summer, check out some ideas OMQ has for you!

1. Hit the beach!

Hop into the ocean to cool down. But beware of whats under the high tide!

Hit the beach
#0060 意外 Unexpected
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/60/

2. Grab an inner tube and float on the water with your buddies.

If jumping head-first into the water seems dangerous to you, grab a floaty instead! You’ll be bouncing with joy!

Grab an inner tube and float on the water with your buddies
#0068 顧此失彼 Trade-offs
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/68/

3. Work on your posture.

…so you can show off that beach body, of course!

Work on your posture
#2210 – 海灘風雲 Beach Predicament
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/2210/

4. Cool down your body with a tasty treat.

Or help your friends cool down their bodies as well. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the gesture.

Cool down your body with a tasty treat
#0045 無心之失 Careless Mistake
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/45/

5. Go water skiing!

Who doesn’t enjoy the exhilarating experience of waterskiing, with a nice ocean breeze and a trusty speed boat driver. Don’t worry if you don’t actually have skis. Old Master Q has a DIY solution for you!

Go water skiing
#2174 – 別出心裁 Original Idea
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/2174/

6. Take a cool bath.

After sweating outside all day, wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend the rest of the evening taking a nap under a cool bath? Here’s how with OMQ!

Take a cool bath
#2004 消暑絕招 A Refreshing Method
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/2004/

7. Work on your tan.

Maybe your tan needs to be a bit darker, maybe you need it to fade off a little. Whatever you want, the sun can help you out!

Work on your tan
#1917 日光浴 Solarium
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/1917/

8. Kill the sun.

Tired of the damn sun beating you down with heat, sweat, and burns all summer? Give it taste of its own medicine with OMQ’s brilliant solution!

Kill the sun
#1320 鬥熱 Beat the Heat
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/1320/

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