Master Q Articles
A compilation of lessons learned from the comics of Old Master Q and his friends.

Shark Week with OMQ

Old Master Q is no stranger to great shark encounters. Let's see what lessons we can learn from some of OMQ and friends' most memorable encounters.

Soccer with Old Master Q

Taking a look at some of the diverse ways Old Master Q participates in the world's biggest sport.

Lightning Lessons from Old Master Q

Old Master Q provides many comical examples perilous lessons he has learned from lightning storms.

Old Master Q's Displays of Affection

Five of our favorite displays of affection from OMQ as he tries to court the ladies.

Big Potato's Fitness Tips and Tricks

Old Master Q's lovable buddy, Big Potato, has a few fitness tips and tricks to get you in shape!

Old Master Q's Holiday Gift Guide

Taking a look at the type of gifts you'd expect to receive if you lived in Old Master Q's world.

Being Thankful with Old Master Q

This Thanksgiving, I thought I would share a slightly more personal blog post by being thankful for OMQ artist Alfonso Wong's contributions to my life and our world.

Old Master Q's Biggest Fears

At his most vulnerable moments, OMQ gets freaked out by almost anything! Here are a few examples we've found that terrify Old Master Q the most!

10 Signs that Old Master Q is a Hipster

Hipsters.. OMQ might be one of them. Here are a few of the ironic ways that Old Master Q exemplifies hipster qualities.

8 Summer Activities with Old Master Q

Last-minute ways to spend the summer from escaping the heat to fun activity ideas with OMQ and friends.