OMQ's Biggest Fears

October 31, 2017, by Ginger Wong

This Halloween we've compiled a list of Old Master Q's biggest fears.

At his most vulnerable moments, OMQ gets freaked out by almost anything! Based on how big his scaredy-cat face gets, and how fast he tries to run away, here are a few of the things we've found that terrify Old Master Q the most!

1. Ghosts

Old Master Q is often seen running away from ghosts in the middle of the night. He needs to be watch where he hangs out at night!


2. Tigers

Sometimes the animals in nature can be just as scary to OMQ as the supernatural!


3. Spiders

Ok, I would be scared to be lured in by a giant spider in the jungle too..


4. The Unexpected Fishing Haul

Old Master Q loves fishing, but not when he doesn't catch fish!

Fishing haul

5. The Unexpected Living Creature at the Wax Museum

Just when you think that every stage at the serial murderer wax museum is fake, any surprise movement could be quite terrifying!

Wax creatures

6. Aliens and UFOs

Again, the supernatural really freak OMQ out!


7. Flying Carpets

I'm not sure what Old Master Q did to piss off this carpet, but he shouldn't underestimate it when he knows that they can fly!

Flying carpets

8. His Shadow Monster

It's Halloween season, beware of creepy shadows!

His shadow

9. Jesus

Old Master Q gets nervous when UFOs come to town, especially if the alien is actually Jesus!


🎃 Happy Halloween from Old Master Q Comics! 🎃