Lightning Lessons

March 23, 2018, by Ginger Wong

The past couple weeks have been quite stormy, not only in politics, but also with the weather in my area. The rolling thunder and lightning that come with the rains just makes me want to stay inside and enjoy the show. But staying inside isn't the only thing you should try do when there's lightning. The CDC lists many safety precautions you should take because lightning can be very dangerous.

Old Master Q provides many comical examples perilous lessons he has learned from lightning storms.

1) BOOM! 💥 Lightning knocks your socks off!

Severe thunderstorms in OMQ's world tremble his entire town. They can knock everything out of your hands and you off your bed. Better put your seat belt on for safety!

#1357 一聲春雷 The Sound of Lightning

2) Don't hide under a tree

Trying to stay dry under a tree is one of the worst places to be during a thunderstorm. Since trees reach higher up towards the sky than you do, they are easy targets for lightning to strike first.

Don't hide under a tree

3) "Side Flashes" can occur

Now that you know not to hide under a tree, you can warn your friends about it! However you should stay away from trees altogether during a storm because when the lightning hits the trees, electric current could splash off and hit you with a "side flash".

Note: This could happen if you were only about 1-2 feet from the tree.

#1484 大雷雨 Big Thunderstorm

4) Struck items keep their shock value

In Old Master Q's case, since he is so prone to getting zapped, stricken trees will keep residual voltage just to unleash on him when he touches them!

#1274 餘電 Leftover Shock

5) Do not harass the storm

While you may run to safety indoors when lightning hits, don't get too confident about not getting struck there! You could still get hit at home if you use electrical equipment or plumbing with metal piping, or even if you just teasing the weather gods!

6) Check your temper

Speaking of the weather gods, they don't seem to like it when you're trying to outdo them in explosive demonstrations of anger. So keep your temper in check during a storm!

Don't provoke it

7) Lightning can cook you a meal

On the other hand, if OMQ had been hangry in the last example, he could have been made satisfied with a tasty bbq gift from the gods instead!

#2203 燒烤 BBQ

It seems the OMQ has a tendency to be struck by lightning quite a bit in the comics. But the actual odds of being struck range from about 1/700,000 to 1/500,000. Either way, please be safe during a thunderstorm and learn from Old Master Q's lessons.

Take care!