Old Master Q's Displays of Affection

February 14, 2018, by Ginger Wong

Just how does Old Master Q charm the women that he wants to pursue? Here are 5 of our favorite displays of affection from OMQ as he tries to court the ladies.

1) The Talented Musician


We seen Old Master Q serenade women at their windows numerous times. He knows that this method is usually guaranteed to make ladies swoon! Whether he is strumming a tender love song, or a rocking an acoustic power ballad, the target of his affections loves it when he exudes this talent and confidence in public for her.

2) The One Who Really Wants to Impress You

OMQ might be a rock star at serenading with a guitar, but what if he only has a horn available and he's never learned to use it before? Well as a gentleman, Master Q will try his darndest master his new equipment in order to impress you! This exemplifies the kindness and determination that he has to win your heart.

3) The Hard-to-Get OMQ

Hard to get

On the other hand, depending on his mood, OMQ may play a little bit hard-to-get just so he knows how interested you really are about him. While he enjoys the attention, deep down we know that he's a sweetheart and he can't keep that game up for very long. The second you get annoyed and walk away, he'll wish he hadn't played a fool! Now we know how interested OMQ really is!

4) The Play Date

Play dates

What better way into a woman's heart than by through her beloved pet! OMQ suggests some nice quality time with Miss Chen by setting up a convenient play date for both of their puppies. It's a win-win situation for everyone!

5) The One With Shared Interests

Shared love of durian

This is the OMQ who really knows you. You both enjoy the same activities, no matter how stinky it may be!

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