Old Master Q's Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, let’s take a look at the type of gifts you’d expect to receive if you lived in Old Master Q’s world.

A. Gifts to Avoid

1) The classic Jack-in-the-Box gift

Whether you’re on his naughty list or not, this is one of OMQ’s favorite gifts to give away, especially to unsuspecting ladies.

#2187 醉翁之意 Pointless Intentions
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/2187/

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2) Gifts for your Ex

On the same note, OMQ can tell from a mile away which girl is just dating him for his generous gifts. They get a punch in the face!

#0052 先見之明 Foresight
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/52/

… or just plain old garbage!

#2027 先見之明 Foresight
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/2027/


3) Gifts from Mr. Chao

Avoid these at all costs! Never trust anything you receive from Mr. Chao! ..or just be very prepared for the consequences.

Beware of gifts from Mr. Chao!Comic Strip #1688


4) The gift that keeps on giving

That fruitcake you gave away (or whatever it is), may go around the block and eventually make its way back to you!

The gift that keeps on giving
Comic Strip #0614
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/614


5) Random gifts from Santa

If Santa just stops by your house and gives you a random gift, they could be just some self-promotional marketing material that he’s trying to pawn off of you. Set low expectations.


6) Random Found Gifts

There’s a reason why these presents have been abandoned in the middle of the street. Could turn out to be a box of shi*t!

Beware of abandoned gifts..

7) Stocking Stuffers

Even Santa knows that stockings are for feet!

Comic Strip #722
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/722/



B. Actual Thoughtful Gifts

Not all gifts in the OMQ-verse are terrible. Here are some great examples of kindness and generousity.

1) Something different for a change

Tired of all the expensive options out there? Consider a puppy who needs some love 😊

別出心裁 A Different Approach
#2119 別出心裁 A Different Approach
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/2119/


2) Generous donations from everyone

Including pet chickens. 🙂

#2191 – 為善最樂 Good Deeds Bring Joy
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/2191/

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3) Just Santa and all of his Presents

What’s better than a gift from Santa Claus? What about Santa and all of his presents! Old Master Q can hook you up.

Comic Strip #0725
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/725/


4) Self-comfort

You don’t need anything from anyone! Craft your own gift of love.

#2127 自我安慰 Self Comforting
Source: https://www.oldmasterq.com/comics/2127/

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If you’re looking for actual Old Master Q gifts, shop at the OMQshop, where I can assure you that our goods won’t punch you in the face!

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