Shark Week with OMQ

July 29, 2018, by Ginger Wong

Dun nuh. Dun nuh.

The 30th annual Shark Week on American TV has just aired, and it just so happens that Old Master Q is no stranger to great shark encounters.

Let's see what lessons we can learn from some of OMQ and friends' most memorable encounters.


1) OMQ is Terrified of Sharks

Old Master Q has probably watched Jaws one too many times. Now when he sees an iconic dorsal fin coming near him in the water, he will swim as fast and as far away as he can through water and land just to get the hell away to safety.

2) Not Just the Tip

If you see a tiny dorsal fin in the water, there may be much, much more to that fin below!

#1532 大白鯊 Great White Shark

3) There Are Plenty of Opportunities for Nope

When you're fishing and your lures aren't working, be wary before hopping in the ocean to take matters into your own hands. Your lures may be attracting something vicious!

4) Some Sharks Just Wanna Have Fun

Perhaps some sharks mistake themselves for dolphins or orcas at the waterpark. Despite their ferocious teeth, these fun-seekers just want to greet you with an entertaining nose bump!

Nose bump

5) Feeding Frenzy

Sharks are always motivated to eat, even if they are full. Studies show that sharks could start a frenzy in reaction to high amounts of stress around the water.. stress that could be caused by injured fish caught by fishermen! They'll start to swarm and look for the easy prey to eat!

Be careful where you choose to fish. Don't let your beautiful fishing day turn into your worst nightmare!


6) Objects in Rear View are Smaller than they Appear

When you're scuba diving and wearing a flat mask underwater, things will appear closer and over 30% bigger than they actually are due to the refaction that the mask creates with the reduced light in the environment. (science!)

Or maybe OMQ's forgetting to breathe and the lack of oxygen is just getting to him.

Either way, OMQ is a big scaredy cat whenever he sees a shark shape of any dimension!

#1752 膽小如鼠 Coward

7) Sharks are Catchable Too

Remember that one time Mr. Chin tried to save OMQ after he flew into the ocean? He ended up catching a shark with his inner tube!

#748 救生記 Rescue Story

8) Basking Sharks

While basking sharks are known to be solitary animals, spending 90% of their time deep underwater, they could swarm in groups of 1000+ at the water's surface for feeding. Basking sharks have large, gaping mouths but they mainly feed on plankton, so OMQ can safely play frogger over these swarms in times of emergency!

#952 好功夫 Good Kung Fu

9) Mr. Chin has a Bigger Appetite than a Great White

Sharks may be mean and tough, but if they mess around with Mr. Chin, they had better think twice about it. He's got a bigger appetite than Jaws! While shark meat can eaten as raw sashimi, Mr. Chin should watch out for the potentially high levels of mercury in shark meat which is dangerous for your health.

#2282 誰吃誰 Who Eats Whom

10) Sneaky Sharks

Great white sharks may be huge, and reach sizes of over 6 meters, but they can be eerily sneaky. Beware when all the creatures you've been fishing for have suddenly disappeared. A great white could be right behind you!
(Or perhaps they could be Ghost Sharks?)

#1537 大難臨頭 Trouble Brewing

11) Apparently, Some Sharks are Land Sharks

When you tease sharks in their natural habitat over and over again, you'll aggravate them enough to want to leave the water just to get a taste of your pesky flesh. Apparently after numerous attempts of making fun of sharks, OMQ still hasn't learned his lesson that all sharks are could be land sharks!

#2145 登陸鯊魚 Land Shark

#1689 土遁 Hidden in the Ground

Land shark

If you want to learn more about different types of sharks, and how big they can get, check out this cool chart!