Football with Old Master Q

July 18, 2018, by Ginger Wong

Old Master Q is not only a fan of soccer, but he is also a master of the game. Let's take a look at some of the diverse ways he participates in the world's biggest sport.

Beware, OMQ's hot-headedness makes him quite prone to committing plenty of fouls and misconduct!

A. OMQ's Skills

1) Game Watching

Old Master Q is devoted to watching soccer games both on TV and in-person at the arena. So why not both? It's a great way to experience the match in real-time!

#838 雙料娛樂 Twice the Entertainment

2) Facing Intimidation

Back in OMQ's early days of goal keeping, he thought he could take on a team of big, intimidating opponents. As it turns out, he was actually a scaredy cat back then! 🤣

3) Strong Kicker

OMQ can kick with such force that he punctures the ball and sends himself meters into the air!

Mr. Chin

4) Own-Goal Keeping

As goal keeper, OMQ learned to block some great shots, but he has also been guilty of scoring on himself! He should be intimidated by himself!

5) Incredible Balance

Old Master Q's buddy Mr. Chin also has some pretty badass skills. He can run with the ball on his head and shoot some goals that way! It's not basketball, so it's not a travel; and technically, he's not using his hands!


6) Takes the Easy Shots

OMQ is pretty hard on himself when he misses the easy shots. Don't worry OMQ, we've witnessed plenty of perfect-opportunity missed shots in the World Cup matches.

#899 一時大意 Careless Moment

7) Great Aim and Timing

The key to playing soccer well is to have great aim and timing, and a have a good pair of cleats. With these skills and weapons and his arsenal, OMQ is able to score goals … anyway he wants to!

#2159 互相取巧 An Exchange of Cheap Moves

8) Incredible Hops

After years of playing this game, OMQ has become a master goalie; he can stop shots a mile into the air!


B. Soccer: A Dangerous Game!

9) Getting Beat Up

Old Master Q plays with some violent players!

Soccer legs

With beat up legs like that, fouls should have been called, but at least Old Master Q isn't a ..master flopper!

10) High Kicks, High Misses

Be careful when you're playing against OMQ! He is pretty flexible, so you may get an incidental foot in the face!

#2237 烏龍踢球 Black Belt Kicker

11) Header Shots

Don't you wonder if players ever injure themselves on those soccer goal posts? They're not even padded and are totally hazardous! OMQ is going to need a helmet the way he plays!

12) … and Header Misses

Sometimes OMQ has one of those days when he misses all his head shots. ..unless it's into someone else's head.

13) Tummy-D!

As OMQ gained more experience as a goalie, he also got his share of painful incidental contact. This is probably how he started becoming such a vengeful player!

C. Anger Management

14) Kicking Butt

If OMQ starts to get vengefully angry when he play soccer, he will literally kick your butt!

15) Sneak Attacks

Here's another example where OMQ has great aim! It seems to get better when he's angry at his target.

#1979 偷襲 Surprise Attack

16) Bad Referees

Sometimes OMQ needs to deal with unfair referees who deserve their own red cards!

#2281 打裁判 Strike on the Referee

17) The Ultimate Red Card

Competitive soccer games can get pretty aggressive and physical. A lot of fouls may happen, causing players to act out vengefully. However some revenge moves require more than just a suspension from the game. Jail time may be a more appropriate punishment. 😱

#1943 體育精神 Sportsmanship